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Pet Stains and odour treatments

Pet Stains and odour treatments, Cleaners UK Ltd of Warrington can treat your pet stains with our specialist deodorisers and odour eliminating products.

These treatments can remove or reduce most pet stains and odours. Our standard carpet cleaning package includes a deodoriser to all carpets using both our hot water extraction system and our specialist dry cleaning system. Please note a deodoriser is included in every quotation provided.

With pet stains we apply our carpet sanitisation and disinfectant products which kill mildew, bacteria and mold on carpets and fabrics. It helps to solve odour problems by destroying the bacteria and fungi which cause the nasty odours in the first place. Please be aware in cases were there is a lot of pet urine involved, this may mean that the smell could not only be in the carpet but also present in the carpet backing and the carpet underlay. It must be understood that in these cases the smell cannot be removed by just cleaning the carpet surface only. In extreme cases carpet backing needs to be treated and possibly underlay needs to be replaced.

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How to choose the correct carpet type for your rooms

Different types of carpets and domestic carpet usage advice for your home.

Hallways attract the highest level of foot traffic therefore also the highest level of dirt and debris. Many hallways and staircaes are also narrow so the footfall is concentrated in middle areas of the carpet. A hardwearing and dense carpet is essential. A durable high quality hard twist carpet or loop pile carpet maybe a choice worth considering.

Living rooms also have a high foot traffic level and an increased risk of spills and stains, so we would suggest a carpet that can maybe resist stains and is hardwearing. However we appreciate that living room areas need to look good too. Wool and manmade carpets have a natural resistance, stain resistant treatment ( ask about our stain guard protection ) can be given to these types of carpets, to decrease the risk of permanent staining. Regular professional carpet cleaning is highly recommended for all heavy use areas.

Many modern day homes now have hard floors in bathroom and kitchen areas, but some people still prefer a carpet for warmth and comfort underfoot. It may be wise to choose a carpet tile for heavy spill kitchen areas. In bathrooms the carpet backing must be considered. Rubber backed is most popular (100% nylon or polypropylene fibre blend) traditional carpet backings and fibres may retain moisture and lead to a damp and musty smell.

Obviously this is really a matter of choice with adults sometimes opting for deep luxury pile carpets. Whilst in childrens bedrooms a more robust cut pile carpet maybe a more suitable option due to having a soft touch feel as children may spend long periods of time playing on the floor. A darker carpet colour is also a good option.

Most importantly it is vital to clean your carpets professionally and regularly. Professional carpet cleaning naturally sanitises all areas. All rooms in your living environment require different levels of carpet cleaning depending on the following information:
1) What types of carpets are installed?
2) H
ow many people live in the property?
3) Do you have children or pets?

Carpets will last longer if they are cleaned professionally. Cleaning naturally sanitises and re tufts the carpet pile, naturally decreasing wear.

for more information please visit this link Information advice on selecting carpet for hallways, carpet for staircases, carpet for living rooms, carpet for bedrooms

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Different types of carpets and rugs

Carpet types
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Rug types

Chinese rugs and Indian rugs clean up beautifully, they come in many shapes and sizes including rectangular, circular and oval. Most rugs have fringes which need specialist cleaning in themselves. All Chinese rugs have a lovely sheen when new. However, this sheen very soon becomes dulled by everyday wear and general soiling. This sheen is fully restored when the Chinese rug / Indian rug or carpet is cleaned using our specialist cleaning systems.

Chinese rug patterns or designs are usually Peking or Aubusson in origin. Peking designs are identifiable by the Chinese looking trellis like pattern, which borders the rug, whilst Aubusson are, as the name suggest more French in origin. They will often have roses, flowers, leaves and scrolls incorporated in the pattern, and the colouration will be a little more subtle than found in the Peking designs. The rug fringes are usually made of cotton and we would suggest to all customers not to cut these fringes off but to tuck them underneath the carpet. Indian rugs are considerably less dense in pile than their Chinese counterparts and the underside of the rug has a coarser finish. Indian rugs also come in many different sizes and shapes but also clean up to a very high standard.

Please see our website page information on different rug types

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End of tenancy cleaning service - Cleaners UK Ltd

Cleaners Uk Ltd of Warrington provide an end of tenancy cleaning service for commercial offices and houses.

The end of tenancy cleaning services are aimed at residents and businesses from houses and flats to commercial property and offices. Our customers include letting agents, landlords and private customers. We have 25 years experience in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. We believe a clean property can help to attract more suitable tenants.

Our end of tenancy cleaning service can assist both landlord/owner or tenant. Click on the link below for more information

End of tenancy cleaning service, Warrington Cheshire

Cleaners Uk Ltd of Warrington.

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